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Who I Am

Hope After Miscarriage

When I began this blog (June 2016), I was a 41 year old woman with no children, and a history of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL). I had had 6 miscarriages over two years (Feb 2014 – Sep 2015).

I decided to call this blog Hope After Miscarriage, because as one miscarriage became more, and when I was exhausted from googling all the medical data, journals and statistics that I could find, these are the three words I found myself searching with.

This journal is an online personal diary of my experience with losing much-wanted pregnancies, and how this affected my relationships with family, friends, doctors, and most of all, my partner. It is a record of our next step, which is IVF using donor eggs. It is my search for answers – what I have found along the way which helped, and what hasn’t.

I continue to post updates whenever I read an article, journal or book that I feel may be helpful to others, or indeed links to documentaries or other media. You can find this additional information at Other Information & Resources.

Nothing included is to be taken as medical advice, as I am not a medical professional (please read my Disclaimer).


I started this blog on the suggestion from my miscarriage doctor. If you have not already been able to find a good doctor who as real experience with dealing with miscarriage, then I hope you will keep looking. They are out there. Don’t be fobbed off by ineffective or unsympathetic GPs or other medical personnel. The world of miscarriage can be an excruciatingly lonely place, even if you have a loving partner. You need a doctor who has your back, and the motivation to run the distance with you.